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Add your name if you believe everyone should have fair access to subway cellular service. Your voice is essential. This petition will be used to show growing support from the public and let the Big 3 Telcos know you want access.

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Cellular Service on the Subway is Essential...

but the Big 3 Telcos aren't granting their customers access.

Did you know that Toronto is the only major Canadian city without a connected underground for all? More than two-thirds of TTC riders surveyed are unaware that connectivity is available on the subway in Toronto, and 71% don’t realize that their mobile carrier isn’t allowing them to use it**.

If you think everyone deserves access, speak up.

"This is an essential service. Please fight for it."

—TTC rider, March 2019 TCONNECT survey

Connectivity is About Much More Than Convenience.

In a world-class city like Toronto, cell service on the subway should be accessible to everyone.
  • Most transit riders around the world agree (92%) that in order to be considered world-class, cities should offer seamless coverage above and below ground.*
  • This coverage would benefit all areas of life, from being able to alert coworkers that you’ll be late for a meeting due to delays, to letting friends know about changing dinner plans, to saying goodnight to your kids.
  • Staying in touch with loved ones is a priority for many—64% of TTC riders believe that connectivity would help them keep better contact with family and friends.**

"Connection to mobile networks on transit should be a no-brainer. Many other countries already have a system in place to allow riders to use networks."

—TTC rider, March 2019 TCONNECT survey

It’s a matter of safety for all, and it’s critical in emergency situations.
  • Connectivity is essential during emergencies and when TTC riders feel unsafe, allowing them to contact loved ones or call for help when the emergency alarm is out of reach.
  • Lack of coverage can have serious implications—60% of TTC riders surveyed who are customers of the Big 3 Telcos have missed an important or emergency communication because they didn’t have connectivity on the subway.**
  • Knowing they can communicate with the outside world would give TTC riders peace of mind, and more than half believe that connectivity would make them feel safer.**

"I’m a young woman often travelling home from work at night… being able to have my phone service on the subway would make me feel so much safer knowing if anything were to happen I could contact my partner."

—TTC rider, March 2019 TCONNECT survey

It’s a minimum requirement for getting work done, helping commuters stay productive on the go.
  • The business world doesn’t wait—connectivity is required for answering emails and important calls and dealing with urgent issues.
  • It supports work-life balance, enabling students and professionals to work during their commute so they can spend time on other things that matter.
  • Three-quarters of TTC riders surveyed believe connectivity would help them be more productive**, and 55% of transit riders say they would arrive at their destination relaxed and happy as a result.*

"I spend an average of 3 hours on the subway daily, including weekends. I am SO close to switching cell providers simply so I can work on the subway."

—TTC rider, March 2019 TCONNECT survey